Session 6 - May 28

Goodbye, Big Guy

After a short rest, the party decides to send Lani ahead to scout the “Big Guy’s” room. After successfully sneaking in and relaying the location of traps and treasure to her companions, the group slowly enters the chamber through the narrow cavern. While Kira prepares to tie the sleeping Ogre’s feet together, Lani fails to resist the urge to open the chest brimming with gold, and thus awakens its owner.

Before the Ogre could smash the intruder, Lani swiped a bow from the chest. Firing defensively, she was able to pin the giant’s palm to the cavern wall. Kira struggled against the Ogre, and succeeded in binding his feet before being kicked aside. Trapped in his own bed, the Ogre was unable to defend himself against the divine wrath of Brandor and the ingenuity of Urr. The enlarged and blessed inquisitor swiftly decapitated the Ogre, leaving the adventurers to recoup and loot the room.

Once the fight had completed, Sven entered the room. Seeing that the Big Guy was already taken care of, he and the group returned to King Fatmouth’s throne room, where Urr and Brandor read the scroll of Floating Disk and prepared to return the throne to Fort Haverhill.


Emgee Emgee

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