Isamaru Morrnsong

Yojimbo of the Shogun


Once a quiet ronin with a violent and disparate past, Isamaru now is one of Shogun Boseiju’s personal yojimbo. He is still a silent and fearsome warrior, and is never seen without his charred-black armor. This has led many to wonder as to the true identity behind the kabuto mask—rumors abound that Isamaru is a female, a revenant, a demon, an empty shell, an animated statue, or even a non-elf (though perpetuators of this rumor seem to have strangely coincidental health problems).

My father was a great man,and I wish I had spent more time with him. My fathers name was Takeno Mornsong. He was great man, and a strong warrior.
My father was a Samurai. All of our male ancestors are samurai and have served the House Shizenkei well. They’re blades have defended Chusei and their through their blood peace can whisper through magical land. The house of Shizenki has always smiled upon the name of Mornsong until the discoverey of my birth. My mother was a simple human woman who earned heserlf a position cleaning aboard a trading ship/ My mother worked hard so she could see what was out side of her small village. She proved her worth with a Captain who delivered trade to Namakura. It was on a trip that she met my father. My father was young at the time and escorting a caravan for the House Shizenki. While waiting on the the traders to finish their business he was allowed to walk the docks where he saw my mother. My mother said he never saw a human woman until her, and was lured like a siren lures a sailor. Both of them saw each ther as physical representations of the mystical world around them, a world they only heard about and thought they would never see. They made love that day in secret and my mother gave up her life of travel to live poorly outside the city. Namakura treated her with disrespect but she always was able to pay her taxes so they never asked her to leave. By that winter, my father was with another caravan to Namakura. He met my mother in secret and spent many nights with her while they traders prepared for the upcoming months.
Within the year My mother had given birth to me. I was my fathers son, and treated like an animal. My mother never let me into the city, she taught me what she could of humanity, but said those things are not as beautiful as the world that was created by my Father and his kinsmen. My father visited yearly spending only days with me and my mother. He told me stories of our ancestors, and taught me how to hold a blade. I think my father loved me more than my mother. With the time he could spend with us, he spent it with me. My mother never complained, I think she was happy to have me as a reminder of what she had with my father. As I grew the city began to notice I was not just a human, I was a half-elf. It didn’t take long and by the 14th season of my life my father was accused of bedding a human woman and ruining the blood of ancestors. My father was stripped of his rank. The rank he worked hard for, the rank not only given to him for his name but also for his leadership and skill with a blade. That day my father was challenged by a member of the House of Shizenki. With my Fathers honor he could not deny the challenge . My father was strong, my father was skilled but my father died that day, and no one cared a bit. The mornsong name that fought and died for Chusei, for the House Shizenkei was now nothing more than a leaf that falls of a beautiful blossom

I spent my years living in the shame of being a poor blood. People knew I was a half elf, and treated me like they would a rabid dog. But that never stopped me. I watched them all in their cities. I watched the soldiers and traders. I watched my fathers kinsmen, and saw the beauty of what the ycreated and felt the hate they had for the outside world.
My mother loved me, but knew she could not keep me living as a peasant. She kept the valuables of my fathers , the valuables that lost all meaning when my father bedded her. I received my fathers armor and weapons during my 16th season. I loved Chusei, It is my home, but it doesn’t love me, In time i hope it can see me and honor me. But for now I must create honor for the name of mornsong elsewhere.

My name Isamaru Morrnsong and I am a Ronin

Isamaru Morrnsong

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