The Port-city of Norg

The port-city of Norg originated as a very expensive investment by the Dukedom of Lindel. The difficulty of governance overseas and the cost of maintaining the island port proved too much, and the city was ‘officially’ abandoned.

The island did not stay uninhabited. Freebooters, pirates, escaped slaves, fugitives and other riffraff found their way to the barely-constructed city and quickly made it their own. ramshackle harbors and piecemeal streets expanded the settlement into a smuggler’s den. As the town grew larger and more noticed, it became known simply as Arkhos or “The Golden Isle.”

Its streets are a cesspool of crime and corruption, and violence is extremely common in the streets and docks. Even in town, the taverns are dangerous places, and staying overnight is not recommended for visitors; one would be lucky to leave, with or without one’s possessions.

Arkhos is home to about 22,000 vagrants, merchants, pirates and adventurers. The racial makeup of this port-town is different than any other in Cisterra-half-Elves, half-Orcs, rogue Halflings, disgraced Elves, disillusioned humans, and even the rare stray Dwarf litter the town.

The Port-city of Norg

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