The Nomamo Jungle

The Nomamo Jungle is one of the few areas still almost completely unexplored in Cisterra. Not only is it far away from most of Cisterra’s population centers, but it is also renowned for its dangerous inhabitants. Nomamo’s isolation from civilization has given it ample time to overgrow any restraints; it almost covers the entire area west of The Dhugdzur Mountains to the coast.

It has not only grown in geographical size—its constituents have grown as well. The plants of the Nomamo jungle are almost all humongous, interwoven trees, enormous fronds of ferns, and entangling vines that drape from every branch. Much of the strange flora are rumored to be cures to Cisterra’s worst ailments, but other weird growths contain poisons beyond mortal comprehension. Nomamo’s fauna has also experienced isolated gigantism. The peculiar lizards, frogs, birds, primates and other animals form an ecosystem that rewards the biggest and strongest with life, and the rest with quick repose.

Perhaps the most dangerous inhabitants of the Nomamo Jungle are the multitude of vermin that creep and crawl below the hanging canopy. Countless species of insects roam the jungle; some are harmless, some are deadly, some are still undiscovered, but all showcase the innate beauty of Nomamo’s nature. Many spiders, some of cyclopean proportions, feast on these insects. Of particular note are Nomamo’s apex predators: the swarms of innumerable army ants capable of rendering behemoths simply dry skeletons in minutes.

Though the jungle be full of dangers, perhaps the rumors surrounding Nomamo have kept it unmolested for centuries. Each culture has them, and almost none are brave enough to disprove them. Chusei storytellers repeat tales of an evil, traitorous dragon who retreated to Nomamo after murdering his kin. Priests of Lindel’s Church of the Divines warn young Paladins to steer clear of the cursed jungle that was grown by Serrana to hide an abomination from mortal eyes. Even researchers from Arcaro avoid the jungle, especially after the ill-fated exploratory trek of Loremaster Kirk Ingersall, which resulted in the loss of not only several hundred thousand gold pieces worth of research equipment, but also the ives of the Loremaster and the entire expeditionary force.

The Nomamo Jungle

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