The Lost Gnomes

If ever there was an unsolvable riddle in Cisterra, it would most likely be the Gnomes. Though evidence of Gnomes in Cisterra’s history is technically provable, almost no data can be truly pinned to these odd creatures. Seeming to wander through space and time as easily as they wander through forest and city, Gnomes are enigmatic to even dedicated scholars. Reports of Gnomes date back to the earliest recorded histories, and come from literally every corner of Cisterra.

Gnomes act as mysteriously as they appear, and each culture in Cisterra has its own idea as to what they are and why there wander the world. Universally, Gnomes are considered agents of luck and fortune in Cisterra-anyone who sees a Gnome considers himself blessed, whether by a god or by destiny itself. Gnomes are almost never seen together, and researchers and tale-tellers alike rumor that the inherent magic of Gnomes grows in power when multiple Gnomes are in proximity. Even so, Gnomes hardly regard each other in speech, seeming to put no importance into knowing more about their brethren.

Many cultures believe Gnomes to have existed since Cisterra’s formation, and most believe them to remember key points in history since then. A problem arises in one key discrepancy: the difference between what Gnomes see as important points in history and what normal beings see as important points in history. While almost any Gnome could recite, from memory, the joke Ellywick Stumbleduck told a copper dragon in order to trick it over three hundred years before the foundation of Lindel, one would be very hard-pressed indeed to get the name of Chusei’s current Shogun from even the brightest of Gnomes.

Gnomes are very skilled in the art of magic, even if they do not understand it. In a similar way to the Elves of Chusei, they have natural arcane power in their blood, and are capable of inherent sorcery, albeit very different types than those of the Elves. Gnomes also are potent summoners, though the eidolons they summon are typically aberrant, fantastical figments of whatever is in the Gnome’s mind at time of summoning. Many Gnomes are bards, and though unreliable, their stories and songs are pleasing to any ear. The rare Gnomes with (somewhat) stronger memories take up the role of Chroniclers, and weave legends and stories so epic they seem to write themselves. Gnomes prefer to shy away from fights, but will always attempt to rescue or defend the weak or downtrodden from harm.

The Lost Gnomes

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