The Cisterran Pantheon

  • Theremond, the Runespeaker


    Domains: Magic, Rune, Knowledge

    Story: Banished from Heaven for giving mortals the gifts of speech, magic, and piquing their curiousity, he roams Cisterra in the form of an owl, continuing to give wisdom hidden in puzzles and riddles.
  • Fortunas, the Heaven’s Stay

    Lawful Neutral

    Domains: Sun, Weather, Travel

    Story: An ancient among gods, Fortunas saw the plight of the cropless farmer, the pathless merchant, and the directionless sailor. Out of his generosity, he created the Celestial Sphere and painted it with stars, a sun and a moon to help guide the lost to fortune.
  • Linnawyth, Lady of Luck

    Chaotic Good

    Domains: Liberation, Charm, Luck

    Story: Linnawyth, the daughter of Chevalis, was confined to her Heavenly palace, only allowed to send gifts to the plane of Cisterra. Tricking her father, Linnawyth disguised herself as a firefly and flew down to Cisterra, and has since wandered the world, spreading freedom and happiness in her wake.
  • Hadran, the Inevitable

    Chaotic Neutral

    Domains: Destruction, War, Strength

    Story: The youngest of the gods, Hadran was formed when the peoples of Cisterra began to war among each other. Legends tell of his formation from the strewn armor and weapons of a fierce, forgotten battleground. He represents the glory of warfare, the honor of a clean kill, and the joys of an accomplished warrior.
  • Serrana, the Hand of Mercy

    Neutral Good

    Domains: Healing, Repose, Glory

    Story: Daughter of Chevalis and older sister of Linnawyth, Serrana is as strong and wise as she is beautiful. Her mercy and kindness are only matched by her strength and valor, and nothing can stop her from protecting the weak and pursuing those who would harm them.
  • Chevalis, the Fortress

    Lawful Good

    Domains: Community, Protection, Nobility

    Story: Chevalis, also called the Fortress, the Divine Father, or Lindel’s Shield, is the father of Linnawyth and Serrana. He was the builder of the great castles of Heaven, and when the Humans of Cisterra saw his castles in the sky, he built for them the Great Castle of Lindel.
  • Sargorax, Lord of Ruin

    Lawful Evil

    Domains: War, Nobility, Destruction

    Story: The evil King of Hell, Sargorax seeks only to control everything he sees, and to destroy everything he cannot control. Commander of Hell’s limitless legions, Sargorax plots his cataclysmic war against Chevalis endlessly, constantly refining and improving his plan. Cults of Sargorax, though rare, meet as far away from civilization as possible, for the infernal rites they perform break every law of morality and decency in Cisterra.
  • Krantharaq, the Mindblight

    Neutral Evil

    Domains: Death, Madness, Charm

    Story: A being of pure negative energy, Krantharaq twists and manipulates the wills of lesser mortals to his wicked desires. Lord of the undead and the denizens of the Shadow Plane, he is the closest and most direct threat to the balance of good and evil in Cisterra. Regrettably, his existence is not yet known to the world he manipulates.
  • Othoth, the Creeping Dark

    Chaotic Evil

    Domains: Trickery, Darkness, Liberation

    Story: Othoth, Master of the Abyss, taints Cisterra with his dreaded corruption. He is the patron deity of thieves, murderers, and liars; his worshippers are rumored to be in control of the black markets of Arkhos and other chicanerous rings of thieves. Othoth delights in the destruction of order and wealth, and draws all he can into his swirling vortex.
  • Micipta, the Creator Divided


    Domains: Plant, Animal, Elemental (Fire, Water, Earth, Wind)

    Story: Micipta existed before Cisterra’s story even began. She created Cisterra, gave it beauty, life, and form. She created its inhabitants, placing the Elves, Dwarves, Humans, Orcs and Halflings across the world. She spawned the Divines and the planes where they reside, tasking them with overseeing her new world. When her creation was complete, she divided herself into hundreds of smaller magical beings, which have come to be known as the Lost Gnomes. In this manifold form, she continues to look after her creation, protecting it from harm and blessing those she created to inhabit it.

The Cisterran Pantheon

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