Race Restrictions

This is another metapage to let you guys know the main racial makeups of the primary people-groups of Cisterra. Again, these are guidelines. Though Dwarves hardly ever leave Kaldheim Keep, if you want to be one living in Lindel, give me a good story and we’ll find a way.

The Shogunate of Chusei

  • Elven noble families
  • lower feudal levels mostly Elven, but rare Human or Halfling serfs can be found.
  • Dwarves and Elves aren’t particularly friendly, as legends tell they were two of the first races in Cisterra and their history wasn’t always peaceful. Dwarves also trade with Orcs, the sworn enemies of Chusei. The Dwarves distaste for magic usually keeps them away from Elven lands, and even on trading runs they keep their stays in Chusei as short as possible.
  • Half-elves are seen as a terrible dishonor to the Elves of Chusei, and are promptly deported if found. Half-Orcs, for the same reason, are shunned, if not attacked on sight.

The Grand Dukedom of Lindel

  • Predominantly human upper class and peasant class
  • Some halflings tired of traveling become serfs to gain land, and some Elves that have either lost honor in Chusei or have grown sick of the rivalry between noble families in their homelands come to Lindel and buy their own vassalage.
  • Half-Orcs are extremely rare, and never are free or unmolested. The few that are tolerated are either prisoners or slaves.
  • Half-Elves usually don’t prefer the dogmatism of Lindel’s clergy, but they are otherwise allowed and not unseen in Lindelian lands.
  • Dwarves also dislike the dogmatism and worship of the Divines that all Lindelians practice, so they rarely spend more time in Lindel then they have to.

Tribes of the Sarai Wastes

  • Orcs. Lots and lots of Orcs.
  • Some Halflings and Humans taken as Orcish slaves end up adapting to the brutality of Orcish ways, and some even join the Orcs in battle. Elves have stopped being taken alive, as nearly all would simply kill themselves and save what little honor they could.
  • Though Dwarves have a business relationship with the Orcs, they do not travel the Sarai Wastes unless required.

Kalheim Keep

  • The Dwarves of Kaldheim Keep are reclusive and nearly xenophobic, so no other races are ever allowed into the mountain keep. Though travelers are allowed to peruse the above-ground business district, none are allowed to stay more than a day or two, not even merchants. Only recently have trading caravans begun to come and go from Kaldheim.

The Thalassocracy of Arkhos

  • On the isle of Arkhos, anything goes. Publically a port city, but also a house for Cisterra’s social dredge and port-of-call for Pirates of the Bhastone Sea, Arkhosians are extremely varied.
  • Very few Elves can stand the degeneracy of the seamen of Arkhos, so they are the only race seldom seen on the Golden Isle.

The Academy of Arcaro

  • Anyone with an interest in the arcane or a desire for the divine can apply for scholarship in the Academy of Arcaro, regardless of race or nationality.
  • Though accepting, Arcaro is not regarded well in most cultures. The Elves of Chusei see it as a place of black magic and manipulation of the spirits of ancestors, the Church of Lindel sees it as a perversion of the gifts of the Divines, and the Dwarves see it as the anathema congregation of all forms of magic-exactly what they abhor. As such, no honor-bound Cisterran intentionally attends the academy.
  • Due to the Academy’s location and neutrality, it serves as the de-facto capitol of Cisterra. It is a key point in almost all land-based trade routes, and the Eldritch Knights and Mystics of Theurgy who teach in the academy are the ones who travel far and wide ensuring Cisterra’s safety. Other mages, however, abuse Cisterra’s bounty of magic, divine blessing, and hidden mystery.

The Rabiah Nomads

  • The traveling merchants known as the Rabiah are almost all Halflings. Some Humans and Half-Elves travel with them for short times, but no race is more suited to life on the move than leather-footed halflings.
  • The inherently savage/bestial nature of the halflings, some say from being too close to the Orcs for too long, deters many noble Humans and Elves from prolonged exposure to the Rabiah.
  • The Rabiah use far-riding scouts and Oracles to locate and predict Orcish movements, and always stay just out of their reach, sometimes leaving lands without a word the night before an Orcish raid.

The Lost Gnomes

  • Obviously not a diverse people group, Gnomes in Cisterra are seldom seen. Most Cisterrans consider the sight of a Gnome a rare treat—Chusei believe them to be Elven ancestors freed from the cares of this world, Lindelians believe them to be sprites who are closer to the Divines than most, and even Dwarves crack a smile at Gnomish jokes and tricks. Ancient Cisterran legend holds that the Gnomes have existed since Cisterra’s creation, perhaps even involved somehow in the process, and that they carry with them the ancient history of this mysterious land.

Race Restrictions

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