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Welcome to our Cisterra wiki!

Some of this is a little confusing, but I hope you guys enjoy getting ready for our campaign. I’m going to be posting up as much back-story as I can to this site, and I really hope you can take what I’d started here and develop your own awesome characters and stories.

Please remember that the racial and class restrictions I have posted are general, and not specific. These represent the majority of Cisterrans, not the outliers. If you want to play a Dwarven alchemist that doesn’t align himself with Kaldheim keep, give me a good story reason why and we’ll do it. If you want to be even a non-Dwarf alchemist, that’s fine too, with a good story to back it up!

Here’s a quick listing of some of the wiki pages:


People Groups/Nations

Locations (Some of these are still stubs; I’m working on the history of each place. Right now they are just pages so I can use them for map markers. If you guys need info on any specific place for your stories, please PM or e-mail me.)


Main Page

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