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  • session2-3

    Attori - 15 Truffles - 3 Ukali - 8 Lovell - 12- Isamaru - 20 Brandon - 12+ Dragon - 13 Allosaur - 23 (14)

  • session3-1

    Concerning the final moments of the last group: As the fight with Cade's pirates dragged on, the battle looked grim for our heroes. Isamaru was surrounded on deck, Lovell was stealthily paddling along, and Brandon, Attori and Ukali were all still …

  • session3-2

    After washing ashore, the group met a stranger known as "Badger" being chased by brigands. After dispatching the pursuers, the group learned that Badger was also looking for Nadine, to return an amulet given him upon her abduction. Together the …

  • Session 5 - May 21

    The adventurers continued into the caverns, following Kira's keen ears to find a group of Goblins fighting near what seemed to be Haverhill's missing throne. Preferring direct action to subterfuge, the group met the Goblin force in combat. Despite the …

  • Session 7 - June 11

    h3. Intermission Due to a temporary schedule conflict, the Cisterra campaign is being put ‘on pause’ for a month or two. We will resume the adventures of our heroes later this year!

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