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  • The Gold Dragon

    The Golden Dragon has taken up residence in the royal [[House Hiryu | house of Hiryu]], and is, for all effects and purposes, ruling [[The Shogunate of Chusei | Chusei]] alongside the [[:shogun-boseiju | Shogun]]. Through wisdom, benevolence, foresight …

  • The Silver Dragon

    The Silver Dragon, publicly known under the alias Rainga the Plucky, was one of the heroes who disappeared pursuing Archephor Haslam. She/it has not been seen for over twenty-five years. Lindelian record states that the silver dragon perished during the …

  • The Brass Dragon

    Archephor Haslam befriended (or enchanted) the Brass Dragon to serve as his mount and ally, and it was last seen with its master before their disappearance.

  • The Red Dragon

    After terrorizing southwestern [[The Grand Dukedom of Lindel | Lindel]] and utterly destroying [[Fort Haverhill | Fort Haverhill]], the red dragon was defeated in the Battle of Three Wyrms, but not after murdering its [[The Bronze Dragon | bronze brother …

  • The Green Dragon

    The Green Dragon has retreated deep into the [[The Mistwood | Mistwood]], and since its occupation has caused the dark forest to spread and grow incredibly.

  • The White Dragon

    Seen only by a handful, the White Dragon was killed by its [[The Silver Dragon | silver kin]] after waylaying a band of Halflings and eating the hero Rainga--afterwards, the silver dragon took on the persona of the fallen Halfling.

  • The Blue Dragon

    The only known dragon currently not civilized or destroyed, the Blue Dragon continues to rampage the [[The Sarai Wastes | Sarai Wastes]], wreaking wanton destruction and death as far as the [[The Dhugdzur Mountains | Dhugdzur Mountains]] to the west and …

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