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  • The Bronze Dragon

    Originally found and befriended by the Poli sisters, and briefly helped in their adventures before being slain by [[The Red Dragon | the red dragon]] during the Battle of Three Wyrms.

  • The Copper Dragon

    Rescued from Lindelian imprisonment by Sir Brandon, Isamaru, Lowell and the Poli twins, the Copper Dragon was taken to Chusei, where it now roams freely.

  • The Black Dragon

    Once in control of the Therriault Trading Company, the Black Dragon was destroyed by a heroic half-orc known only as "Brownie." After multiple coups and splits, the Therriault Company was reorganized with its namesake [[:dominic-therriault | Dominic …

  • Dominic Therriault

    Leader of the once-secretive Therriault Trading Company, now political force of reckoning on the [[The Bhastone Sea | Bhastone Sea]]. The only (successfully) publicized vampire, he still deals in grey-market trading and ringleads pit fights, but at least …

  • Sir Brandon

    From fledgling squire to questing knight to esteemed paladin of Chevalis, Sir Brandon's rise through the [[The Grand Dukedom of Lindel | Lindelian]] ranks was as rapid as it was remarkable. Responsible for both increasing and resolving hostilities with [[ …

  • Atori Poli

    Most informed Cisterrans know that a young [[The Lost Gnomes | Gnome]] was among the heroes that disappeared chasing the Archephor, but almost none know that [[:ukali-poli | Ukali Poli]] has a twin, Atori. Since the disappearance of her sister, the loss …

  • Shogun Boseiju

    Though the leader of [[The Shogunate of Chusei | Chusei]] has grown considerably old, he is still loved and respected by his people. He has a fast friendship with the Golden Dragon, and values the wisdom and support this creature has brought to Elvenkind. …

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