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    h1. Welcome to Cisterra! A young, new world has been made. This realm has been forged in magic and wonder, and developed into a fantastic land of unique culture, magnificent beauty, and unparalleled honor. Forces as mysterious as Cisterra itself …

  • The Wahiba Desert

    !http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/a/a9/Atacama1.jpg! Known now as 'The Sea of Sand', the Wahiba Desert covers much of the central portion of Northern Cisterra in ever-expanding dunes of sand. This area was not always a desert; though it is …

  • Noble Families of Chusei

    The Elves of Chusei have passed down arcane bloodlines for generations, and they believe the blood of their ancestors is their greatest blessing. In order to maintain these potent bloodline powers, or Kekkei Genkai, Chusei has a system of noble families, …

  • The Cisterran Pantheon

    * *Theremond, the Runespeaker*
    Domains: Magic, Rune, Knowledge
    Story: Banished from Heaven for giving mortals the gifts of speech, magic, and piquing their curiousity, he roams Cisterra in the form of an owl, continuing to give …

  • Cisterran Creation Myths

    * *Lindel*
    The Church of the Divines promotes a purely divine creation of Cisterra, and its clerics all must study and become intimately familiar with the many scriptures detailing the account. The primary force in Cisterra's creation was Chevalis, …

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