Session 1 - 9/22/10 - The Wrong Place, the Right Time
Fate brings an odd bunch of adventurers to an odd place for a very good reason.
Session 2 - 10/27/10 - Community Service
For varied reasons, our heroes decide to take a job from Mother Nature.
Session 3 - 5/11/2011

Attori – 15
Truffles – 3
Ukali – 8
Lovell – 12-
Isamaru – 20
Brandon – 12+
Dragon – 13
Allosaur – 23 (14)

Session 1 - 9/15/2011

Concerning the final moments of the last group:

As the fight with Cade’s pirates dragged on, the battle looked grim for our heroes. Isamaru was surrounded on deck, Lovell was stealthily paddling along, and Brandon, Attori and Ukali were all still entering the scene from below decks. As fortune or fate would have it, the fog began to lift, and the morning sun revealed two late-comers to the fray: Bloodfeather and the Bronze dragon! The Roc’s cry startled the pirate crew, and the image of the flying dragon stirred Isamaru into action; within moments, the brigands fell upon his blade one by one. The Roc swept and assaulted the corsairs, the dragon launched volleys of lightning across the ship, and the Gnomes brought forces of nature to aid in the pirates’ rout. As Cade retreated below decks, he was met by Sir Brandon’s hammer; his first mate had no better luck attempting to row away, as Lovell’s magic pierced the mists and sent him to a watery grave.

As the skirmish died down, the Gnomes reunited with the dragon and roc, and doing so, spied another ship headed towards them. Alerting the others, dissenting opinions were voiced as to the group’s direction. Isamaru demanded to return to Hiryugakure, to complete the mission given them by his shogun. Sir Brandon insisted that no more time could be wasted on such frivolous matters while his hometown was still harangued by a red dragon. Tempers flared, and the approaching ship neared with every moment, while the heroes’ own ship was sinking and still burning from the fight. Taking the two rafts, the two warriors decided to go their own ways for the time being, leaving Lovell and the Poli sisters to fend for themselves. Fearing the nature of the approaching ship, and the safety of the dragon, Attori volunteered to escape with the magical beast and hide for the meantime, and the two flew away swiftly to the West.

Luckily, the approaching ship did not bear sailors of ill will, but a troupe of swarthy Halflings, led by (oddly enough) a blinded, stray Oracle of a captain. As the covered boat approached and some Halflings boarded the wrecked ship, another strange Halfling appeared; a beautiful and strong young woman with silver-shining hair and a robe embroidered with clouds and drakes. She introduced herself as Ranga, and offered to help the stranded adventurers. Ukali showed the Halfling the note Attori had found, and the group decided to investigate the captured damsel Nadine Dominique on the isle of Arkhos. Ranga informed her captain of her desire to assist in the rescue, and the captain agreed, offering her a small boat for the group to use.

Though no one was sure where the boat came from, the adventurers welcomed the means of escape from the derelict craft, and the two ships parted ways; the Halflings rowed North, into the retreating fog, and the heroes rowed South, towards the infamous Golden Isle. After a few hours of rowing, and pleasant talk from the brave and friendly Halfling, the group neared the rocky bluffs of Arkhos. After sighting a relatively clear place to disembark, the crew spotted a strange man running on the beach, looking furtively for a place to hide. Seconds later, they saw a group of several men chasing behind him, brandishing weapons and calling for blood…


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