Session 7 - June 11
Setting Sail for Lem Ohlo


Due to a temporary schedule conflict, the Cisterra campaign is being put ‘on pause’ for a month or two. We will resume the adventures of our heroes later this year!

Session 6 - May 28
Goodbye, Big Guy

After a short rest, the party decides to send Lani ahead to scout the “Big Guy’s” room. After successfully sneaking in and relaying the location of traps and treasure to her companions, the group slowly enters the chamber through the narrow cavern. While Kira prepares to tie the sleeping Ogre’s feet together, Lani fails to resist the urge to open the chest brimming with gold, and thus awakens its owner.

Before the Ogre could smash the intruder, Lani swiped a bow from the chest. Firing defensively, she was able to pin the giant’s palm to the cavern wall. Kira struggled against the Ogre, and succeeded in binding his feet before being kicked aside. Trapped in his own bed, the Ogre was unable to defend himself against the divine wrath of Brandor and the ingenuity of Urr. The enlarged and blessed inquisitor swiftly decapitated the Ogre, leaving the adventurers to recoup and loot the room.

Once the fight had completed, Sven entered the room. Seeing that the Big Guy was already taken care of, he and the group returned to King Fatmouth’s throne room, where Urr and Brandor read the scroll of Floating Disk and prepared to return the throne to Fort Haverhill.

Session 5 - May 21
Le Morte d'Fatmouth

The adventurers continued into the caverns, following Kira’s keen ears to find a group of Goblins fighting near what seemed to be Haverhill’s missing throne. Preferring direct action to subterfuge, the group met the Goblin force in combat. Despite the brave leadership of self-proclaimed King Fatmouth, the Goblins were defeated, and the escaping ‘ruler’ was caught.

King Fatmouth’s interrogation was short; Brandor and Sven were only able to glean knowledge of ‘a big guy’ responsible for the theft before the Goblin was ‘accidentally’ killed by a ‘dropped’ sword. Kira, Urr, and Lani checked the room for valuables, and the party decided to take a short rest before confronting the ‘big guy’ in the next room.

Cisterrible! - Speak with Animals
A Pathfinder comic by RubyGeeksOut


Session 4 - April 23
Through dark webs and waters.

Following Kira into the darkness, the adventurers found themselves in a web-covered cavern. After investigating an open box of treasure, Urr was ambushed by a pair of giant spiders. The group found that fending off the arachnids proved difficult in the dark, but Kipling was able to dispatch the vermin using his keen senses.

As Urr recovered from the spider’s venom, the group discovered an out-of-place pillar. Identifying it as an Obelisk of Theremond, Brandor helped the others solve the runic puzzles etched in the stone, and was rewarded with a strange vial of liquid. Lani took a sip, and afterwards gained the ability to see in the pitch-black cave.

While the others regressed to loot some dead goblins, Kira stooped to drink from an underground pool. She was caught off-guard by a hideous Reefclaw, but Sven and Brandor quickly came to her rescue. Undaunted, Kira (with the help of the tiger) swam across the water to a small island, where she found an enormous sword in a locked-and-chained casket.

Cisterrible! - Dinosaurs
A Pathfinder comic by RubyGeeksOut


Cisterrrible! - Gnome Arrows
A Pathfinder comic by RubyGeeksOut


Session 3 - April 9
Journey to the Dangruf Highlands

After reaching Fort Haverhill, the group received a partial reward from the merchants they were guarding. Over dinner, Grimwalt informed the other adventurers of his quest and offered to hire them. The next morning, everyone set out for The Dangruf Highlands, and thanks to Kira’s navigational prowess, found Goblin tracks by nightfall.

The tracks led to a dead-end, so the group decided to camp out in the desert for the night. Sven fell asleep during first watch, leaving the group to slumber unguarded. Lani awoke to find that they had been robbed overnight, and pursued the thieves to a moss-covered cave entrance. After dispatching some Goblin guards, the adventurers delved into the cavern, finding a strange fountain. While Ur pondered the nature of the relic of Linnawyth, Kira decided to take a drink.

Grimwalt and Sven pressed on, finding a room with statues of Serrana and magical stones on a dais. Accidentally triggering a flame-throwing trap, Grimwalt beckoned the group to kneel, and Lani was able to sneak to the dais, deactivate the statues, and plunder the treasure. Kira decided to enter the next room, but was filled with dread upon seeing large, silken webs and the remains of an unfortunate Goblin.

Session 2 - March 26
Ur & Co. meet Grimwalt and a cat.

Desperate for any job that would pay, Ur, Lani and Sven found themselves guarding a caravan of masonry supplies to Fort Haverhill. As the company passed a crossroads, Kipling caught the scent of some rowdy Goblin highwaymen. With the help of a passing churchman and strange feline, the group scattered the Goblins, but not after losing one of their horses and tipping the carriage full of supplies. The two groups cooperated to right the cart; they then decided to travel to Haverhill together.

Session 1 - February 26
Back to square one.

Our first session for the new group will be taking place on Wednesday, February 26th. We’ll meet at my house at 7:00PM. Together, we will go over some of the basics of the game, help fill out character sheets, and start getting into the story for our band of adventurers!

Now, for some story!

Setting: Three years after what has become known as “the Dragonfall,” Cisterra is in a state of mending. Archephor Haslam and the group of heroes pursuing him disappeared after a fierce conflict, leaving the world behind them upturned and confused. Narrowly avoiding war, Lindel and Chusei have begun to recover from the appearance of the dragons. The Dwarves of Kaldheim have tenuously emerged once again, and ancient trade routes have opened. The Academy of Arcaro has been left leaderless and fallen into chaos, while the port-town of Arkhos has flourished under the governance of Dominic Therriault, a declared vampire.

Amidst such turmoil, the populace of Cisterra as a whole has not been daunted in spirit. The courageous actions of heroes like Mageblood Lovell, Adrakhanos, Rainga the Plucky and Ukali Poli have inspired a generation of adventurers and travelers. Crossroads and trade centers like Riverford and Namakura have boomed, and peoples of all races can now be seen almost anywhere in civilized Cisterra.

Scene: The call to adventuring has gripped you. Having taken a few local jobs to earn coin and reputation, you have gained the camaraderie of a group of similar-minded wayfarers. Your group has worked together for five months now, but you are beginning to tire of monotonous caravan guard contracts.

Your current employment is escorting a shipment of masonry tools from Lindel City to Fort Haverhill. The once-impregnable fort was all but destroyed with the landing of the Red Dragon, and has since been plagued by goblin raids. Goblins are timid creatures, and the presence of an escort is usually enough to keep them clear of a vulnerable caravan. To you, this just means an already boring job is frequently more tedious and uneventful than expected. Hopefully, more interesting and rewarding work will be available at Haverhill.


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