Loco the Lucky


Though nobody is sure from where this eerily fortunate halfling hails, travelers are quickly becoming familiar with his name throughout Cisterra. “Lucky Loco’s” alehouse in Riverford has become more than just a tavern—though it is most likely the largest tavern on the continent proper. Drawn by the heroic pursuers of the rogue Archephor Haslam, adventurers and vigilantes have been appearing throughout Cisterra, and Lucky Loco’s has become the definitive centerpoint of adventurism in this world. Bulletin boards are slathered with jobs and requests, weaponsmiths, cartographers and spellcrafters are easily found in a large covered market square, and (of course) the best brewers of the land keep heroes in good spirits between journeys. Loco himself has a reputation for friendliness and storytelling, but also for unrelenting justice when it comes to keeping his tabs. He keeps a contingent of ‘collectors’ in constant employ, and has seemingly arcane knowledge of each of his accounts receivable.

Cunning and Charismatic little Halfing

Loco was never liked. He seemed to lie alot. And he was known for that. Not lies that hurt but lies of his grand achievments or what was about to do. Loco never could seem to fulfill his empty boasting though. He tried and tried. As he traveled around with the tribe he became notorious for being a thief. Or more commonly a failed thief. He tried to recieve glory by any means he could attain. If Loco saw a girl admiring a trinket or bracelet he would certainly gain her approval by giving it to her. Or the poor would love him if he was able to steal bread for them he imagined.

Loco did have some luck of course. Cunning and charismatic are two traits one can deny about him. Even with this Loco occasionaly found himself in the middle of big trouble. The oracles more than once had to personally rescue him from harm or puishment. Loco’s “luck” soon changed though.

As he was walking through the city of magic one day a strange man approached him. “Loco” he said as he looked him straight in the eye, “I have watched you and know of your struggles. I can offer you power to achieve the greatness you desire.”

Loco’s charisma was nigh compared to the strangers presence. “And what would this cost me? Or what must I do to obtain it?”

“Its simple. Come with me and we will have a ‘feast’ and then acquire a few things I desire for me. In doing this you will see your power and we will be even.”

So Loco followed and took part in this “feast” as it was called. The details he cannot remember but if one were to record it it would be much more akin to a ritual of dark magic. He also became powerful in some way but he can not truly describe it.

So Loco went about that day and fulfilled a task or two. Thievery of things that Loco did not understand the value of but they were far more powerful than he could have imagined. The stranger said that he would call upon Loco a 3 more times as was needed.

So Loco went back to his people and never spoke a word of this to anyone. And he used his new found powers to achieve the greatness he had always desired. “LOCO!!!” was no longer heard in anger but in adoration and praise. The tag Lucky also soon became an addition to Loco. Lucky Loco or Loco the Lucky became his title. It seemed nothing could touch him. He did steal these days. But he stole weapons from an attacker. Bread from the rich. Pearls from the queen. Anything and everything he wanted but nothing could go wrong it seemed for him.

One day when he was in Lindel the strange figure approached. It was the second time Loco had seen him since their first meeting. “I have something for you” he said.

“What might this be” Loco replied a little wearily. The last time he was asked to locate someone and place somethign in their bag. Only moments after doing this the person was killed brutally.

“This time you are needed to locate a house of a trouble making hooligan and set fire to and mkae sure it burns to the ground. Of course you can take anythign that lies inside before you burn if you so desire.”

Seeming as he could refrain from death of someone this time he agreed. Also the fear of refusing sat heavy upon him. “Tell me what I need to know.”

The next day Loco watched the man exit his home for what would be the last time. It was early evening as the sun was setting. For a skilled halfling like Loco it was no problem to find his sneak in. As he looked around he saw childrens toys. He saw a workbench of a man that was forced to make and repair his own furnishings. He saw a home that was lived in well by a a family. “But a job is a job right?” he thought to himself.

As he sat on a city wall watching the house burn he saw the man coming home with two children that began to cry as they realized their house was burning to the ground. A shame fell over him that cannot be removed easily by one that has a heart.

For the next months he feared seeing his strnger as he knew he owed one more task. He thought about that family as their image burned in his mind. Lucky Loco worked harder at being noble. By this time he was as well known and as highly followed as some oracles.

The oracles called out it was time to leave due to an oncoming group of hostile orcs. As Loco helped get them ready some were trailing and getting around to leaving very slowly. Orcs began to appear across the desert. The warrior halflings were sent ot to distract and do light battle while the Tribe left. In a surge of madness to some, Loco flew into the middle of the orcs and begin to use his powers in battle. The halflings could not believe their eyes as Loco began to not kill but completely negate the orcs ability fight or their will to. A hole broke and he ran to the west while the Tribe was to the east. The warriors from some odd place knew he was not to return with them and they should rejoin their people as now the orcs were all focused upon the small halfling that was staying true to his name. Lucky.

Lucky escaped shortly after that and began to run from village to village for no reason and every reason.

Loco the Lucky

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