Session 5 - May 21

Le Morte d'Fatmouth

The adventurers continued into the caverns, following Kira’s keen ears to find a group of Goblins fighting near what seemed to be Haverhill’s missing throne. Preferring direct action to subterfuge, the group met the Goblin force in combat. Despite the brave leadership of self-proclaimed King Fatmouth, the Goblins were defeated, and the escaping ‘ruler’ was caught.

King Fatmouth’s interrogation was short; Brandor and Sven were only able to glean knowledge of ‘a big guy’ responsible for the theft before the Goblin was ‘accidentally’ killed by a ‘dropped’ sword. Kira, Urr, and Lani checked the room for valuables, and the party decided to take a short rest before confronting the ‘big guy’ in the next room.


Emgee Emgee

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