Session 4 - April 23

Through dark webs and waters.

Following Kira into the darkness, the adventurers found themselves in a web-covered cavern. After investigating an open box of treasure, Urr was ambushed by a pair of giant spiders. The group found that fending off the arachnids proved difficult in the dark, but Kipling was able to dispatch the vermin using his keen senses.

As Urr recovered from the spider’s venom, the group discovered an out-of-place pillar. Identifying it as an Obelisk of Theremond, Brandor helped the others solve the runic puzzles etched in the stone, and was rewarded with a strange vial of liquid. Lani took a sip, and afterwards gained the ability to see in the pitch-black cave.

While the others regressed to loot some dead goblins, Kira stooped to drink from an underground pool. She was caught off-guard by a hideous Reefclaw, but Sven and Brandor quickly came to her rescue. Undaunted, Kira (with the help of the tiger) swam across the water to a small island, where she found an enormous sword in a locked-and-chained casket.


Emgee Emgee

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