Session 3 - April 9

Journey to the Dangruf Highlands

After reaching Fort Haverhill, the group received a partial reward from the merchants they were guarding. Over dinner, Grimwalt informed the other adventurers of his quest and offered to hire them. The next morning, everyone set out for The Dangruf Highlands, and thanks to Kira’s navigational prowess, found Goblin tracks by nightfall.

The tracks led to a dead-end, so the group decided to camp out in the desert for the night. Sven fell asleep during first watch, leaving the group to slumber unguarded. Lani awoke to find that they had been robbed overnight, and pursued the thieves to a moss-covered cave entrance. After dispatching some Goblin guards, the adventurers delved into the cavern, finding a strange fountain. While Ur pondered the nature of the relic of Linnawyth, Kira decided to take a drink.

Grimwalt and Sven pressed on, finding a room with statues of Serrana and magical stones on a dais. Accidentally triggering a flame-throwing trap, Grimwalt beckoned the group to kneel, and Lani was able to sneak to the dais, deactivate the statues, and plunder the treasure. Kira decided to enter the next room, but was filled with dread upon seeing large, silken webs and the remains of an unfortunate Goblin.


Emgee Emgee

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