Session 1 - February 26

Back to square one.

Our first session for the new group will be taking place on Wednesday, February 26th. We’ll meet at my house at 7:00PM. Together, we will go over some of the basics of the game, help fill out character sheets, and start getting into the story for our band of adventurers!

Now, for some story!

Setting: Three years after what has become known as “the Dragonfall,” Cisterra is in a state of mending. Archephor Haslam and the group of heroes pursuing him disappeared after a fierce conflict, leaving the world behind them upturned and confused. Narrowly avoiding war, Lindel and Chusei have begun to recover from the appearance of the dragons. The Dwarves of Kaldheim have tenuously emerged once again, and ancient trade routes have opened. The Academy of Arcaro has been left leaderless and fallen into chaos, while the port-town of Arkhos has flourished under the governance of Dominic Therriault, a declared vampire.

Amidst such turmoil, the populace of Cisterra as a whole has not been daunted in spirit. The courageous actions of heroes like Mageblood Lovell, Adrakhanos, Rainga the Plucky and Ukali Poli have inspired a generation of adventurers and travelers. Crossroads and trade centers like Riverford and Namakura have boomed, and peoples of all races can now be seen almost anywhere in civilized Cisterra.

Scene: The call to adventuring has gripped you. Having taken a few local jobs to earn coin and reputation, you have gained the camaraderie of a group of similar-minded wayfarers. Your group has worked together for five months now, but you are beginning to tire of monotonous caravan guard contracts.

Your current employment is escorting a shipment of masonry tools from Lindel City to Fort Haverhill. The once-impregnable fort was all but destroyed with the landing of the Red Dragon, and has since been plagued by goblin raids. Goblins are timid creatures, and the presence of an escort is usually enough to keep them clear of a vulnerable caravan. To you, this just means an already boring job is frequently more tedious and uneventful than expected. Hopefully, more interesting and rewarding work will be available at Haverhill.


Emgee Emgee

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