Welcome to Cisterra!

A young, new world has been made. This realm has been forged in magic and wonder, and developed into a fantastic land of unique culture, magnificent beauty, and unparalleled honor. Forces as mysterious as Cisterra itself continue to shape the fledgling plane, and the mortal creatures that dwell on its surface are only beginning to understand their surroundings. Teeming with life, mystery, and potential, Cisterra seems to have everything…

…except Heroes. A new age has come, and the youth of this world is starting to fade. Adventure is being born, with cosmic powers, arcane enigmas and unexplored vistas all paving the way for a new breed of heroes. Cisterra needs these brave mortals more than they may know, as the youthful plane experiences danger, evil, and cataclysm for the first time.

Campaign Links

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Due to a temporary schedule conflict, the Cisterra campaign is being put ‘on pause’ for a month or two. We will resume the adventures of our heroes later this year!